US Healthcare Update

One of the major economic differences between the US and UK is in the manner which healthcare is delivered and financed. US healthcare is primarily provided by the private sector. Hospitals are owned by commercial or charitable organizations. Care is paid for through the combination of private health insurance and government programs (Medicare and Medicaid). UK … Read more

SME’s Exporting to the USA

In 2016, the market for small UK firms exporting to America was valued at around £30bn. Small and medium UK firms have traditionally done well exporting to the USA, for example a significantly higher proportion of companies exporting to the US than other EU countries – UK is at 43%, followed by Italy at 33% … Read more

US Sales Tax

The United States is characterized by its decentralized system of government. States, counties, cities, towns, and smaller localities independently decide how to raise the revenue needed to fund the services they provide. Such a regionalized system presents significant compliance challenges for businesses seeking to establish a national presence. States containing over 15,000 taxing jurisdictions levy their … Read more