Such a big step requires commitment and planning. We have the experience and resources to help you execute a successful launch. 

Understanding the US market

It is vital you know your competition, as well as your audience. Gaining an understanding of the US market will help you to define a suitable marketing strategy and ensure that your product or service is priced competitively. We can provide:

  • ​​An analysis of equivalent US products, competitor pricing and market entry points.
  • A list of established potential distributors of your product or service. ​We will document​ the process for approaching them to enable you to build a robust distribution network.
  • A strategy outlining most effective selling options. We will work closely with you​ to determine the most appropriate level of US presence, whether to from a US entity or to sell directly to US customers.

Practical considerations

You may require some upfront changes to your processes to ensure that your product will meet US standards applicable to that sector. 

In terms of localization, there may be specific differences that need to be taken into consideration. For example, at the simplest level, besides representing prices in dollars a UK website may require some ‘Americanization’ in terms of language and imagery. 

The time zone difference can be a significant factor for customer support, staff or supplier management and response times. E-commerce and back-office systems are likely to require changes to support this launch.

We will ensure that you can concentrate on selling your product or service and help to make your US launch a success.

Would you like to arrange a free consultation?

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