Thinking about the USA?

Step Ahead Technology can help your business take an exciting step across the Atlantic. With a focus on small to medium UK businesses who may be considering expanding into the USA, we can offer a range of services to suit the smaller budget.

We have the background and experience to support your company whilst you step into the largest and most advanced economy in the world. We are a small organization with very low overheads and so we can offer a very competitive pricing model which can be tailored to suit your strategy. For example, we could simply provide just an advisory or consultancy role at the initial phase of the project, perhaps through a feasibility study. Alternatively, we can provide a range of services on both sides of the Atlantic to suit the needs of your business.

One key message here is that nobody understands your own business better than you do. Our aim at Step Ahead Technology is to work closely with you and so that we understand how your business works in the UK and how you would like it to operate in the USA. We can provide the business analysis expertise to help you to make the decisions and define in detail the process for the USA.

Step Ahead Technology Services

Step Ahead Technology has the experience and expertise to provide a range of services to support a launch into the USA :

  • Initial feasibility study and market research.
  • Professional advice and support with US taxes, setting up a legal business entity, establishing a US bank account etc
  • E-commerce consultancy and development
  • Project management / Change Management / Business Analysis to support the launch
  • Sourcing of office space and equipment including telecoms and IT infrastructure
  • Staffing – support in recruitment of US staff and building an effective team
  • Management of IT resources and projects


US Healthcare Update

One of the major economic differences between the US and UK is in the manner which healthcare is delivered and financed. US healthcare is primarily provided by the private sector. Hospitals are owned by commercial or charitable organizations. Care is paid for through...

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SME’s Exporting to the USA

In 2016, the market for small UK firms exporting to America was valued at around £30bn. Small and medium UK firms have traditionally done well exporting to the USA, for example a significantly higher proportion of companies exporting to the US than other EU countries...

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US Sales Tax

The United States is characterized by its decentralized system of government. States, counties, cities, towns, and smaller localities independently decide how to raise the revenue needed to fund the services they provide. Such a regionalized system presents...

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