A new US business will need to navigate a wide range of legal and tax matters, so it is important to establish relationships with experienced professionals.

Dealing with taxes and other US entities.

One of our principals is a US based Certified Public Accountant and can provide professional services the following areas:

  • Selection of the most appropriate legal form and location of your business entity.
  • Registration with Federal and applicable state jurisdictions. 
  • Review of appropriate insurance coverage needs.
  • Compliance associated with US employees, employment contacts and HR practices.
  • Establishment of US banking and merchant service relationships to enable credit card processing from US customers. 
  • Analysis and development of a viable sales tax policy.
  • Set-up and integration of a US accounting system with your UK operation.
  • Preparation and filing of Federal and state income, sales and payroll tax returns.
  • Liaison with third parties associated with audit, lending, leasing, payroll and other service providers. 

Legal considerations

We have also developed relationships with US attorneys who are ready to assist with a full range of business services including:

  • Review of codes and commercial law with respect your products to ensure they can be legally imported into the US, customs and import laws are met and all required licenses are obtained.
  • Appraisal of any trademarks you are considering using, intellectual property you may wish to protect and copyrighted items you own which may need to be registered.
  • Preparation of contracts with respect to terms and conditions of sales, distribution, employment and potential joint venture partnerships.
  • Assessment and management of product liability risk.

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