Lead Generation

Are you interested in acquiring high-quality prospects who are looking for what your business offers, and are qualified by fitting your specific criteria?

The solution is our Pay Per Lead service. This is the most efficient way to grow your business: 

  • You get exactly the prospects that fit your criteria, and you pay only for them (pay per lead).
  • You pay only for the leads that you are interested in, instead of paying for advertising account management services, with ambiguous and not measurable results.
  • You grow your business fast by acquiring as many prospects as you can handle. Control your ad spending and receive predictable results.
  • There are no monthly fees and no infrastructure costs. We use our ad accounts, websites, and content. You just receive the high-quality leads for your business.

How we do this?

We achieve this by using paid ads to attract people that have particular characteristics. We send these people to our custom web pages and ask them questions in exchange for an informative consultation. The qualification of each lead depends on the specific criteria defined by you. This is how we can guarantee the quality of the leads that we generate for you.

How do we deliver the leads to you?

Our custom web pages are connected directly to your CRM or email marketing service. If you do not have a CRM or an email marketing service account, then we help you to create an account with a user-friendly email marketing service. As soon as a new lead is stored in your system, you may contact him/her and close a sale.

You can start receiving quality leads as soon as in 24 hours.

Would you like to arrange a free consultation?

Your time is valuable. We would welcome a few minutes to discuss your specific needs.

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