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Initial Planning

A successful US launch requires commitment and planning. We have the experience and resources to help you to navigate these areas.

Understanding the US market

It is vital you know your competition, as well as your audience. Gaining an understanding of the US market will help you to define a suitable marketing strategy and ensure that your product or service is priced competitively. We can provide:

  • An analysis of equivalent US products, competitor pricing and market entry points.
  • A list of established potential distributors of your product or service. Wewill document the process for approaching them to enable you to build arobust distribution network.
  • A strategy outlining most effective selling options. We will work closely withyou to determine the most appropriate level of US presence, whether tofrom a US entity or to sell directly to US customers.

Practical considerations

You may require some upfront changes to your processes to ensure that your product will meet US standards applicable to that sector.

In terms of localization, there may be specific differences that need to be taken into consideration. For example, at the simplest level, besides representing prices in dollars a UK website may require some ‘Americanization’ in terms of language and imagery.

The time zone difference can be a significant factor for customer support, staff or supplier management and response times. E-commerce and back office systems are likely to require changes to support this launch.

We will ensure that you can concentrate on selling your product or service and help to make your US launch a success.

US Taxes and Legal Compliance

A new US business will need to navigate a wide range of legal and tax matters so it is important to establish relationships with experienced professionals.

One of our principals is a US based Certified Public Accountant and can provide professional services in the following areas:

  • Selection of the most appropriate legal form and location of your business entity.
  • Registration with Federal and applicable state jurisdictions.
  • Review of appropriate insurance coverage needs.
  • Compliance associated with US employees, employment contacts and HR practices.
  • Establishment of US banking and merchant service relationships to enable credit card processing from US customers.
  • Analysis and development of a viable sales tax policy.
  • Set-up and integration of a US accounting system with your UK operation.
  • Preparation and filing of Federal and state income, sales and payroll tax returns
  • Liaison with third parties associated with audit, lending, leasing, payroll and other service providers.

We have also developed relationships with US attorneys who are ready to assist with a full range of business services including:

  • Review of codes and commercial law with respect your products to ensure they can be legally imported into the US, customs and import laws are met and all required licenses are obtained.
  • Appraisal of any trademarks you are considering using, intellectual property you may wish to protect and copyrighted items you own which may need to be registered.
  • Preparation of contracts with respect to terms and conditions of sales, distribution, employment and potential joint venture partnerships.
  • Assessment and management of product liability risk.

We provide affordable professional support by taking ownership of activities that often distract entrepreneurs from growing their business.

Lead Generation

Are you interested in acquiring high-quality prospects who are looking for what your business offers, and are qualified as fitting your specific criteria?

The solution is our Pay Per Lead service. This is the most efficient way to grow your business: 

  • You get exactly the prospects that fit your criteria, and you pay only for them (pay per lead).
  • You pay only for the leads that you are interested in, instead of paying for advertising account management services, with ambiguous and not measurable results.
  • Grow your business fast by acquiring as many prospects as you can handle. Control your ad spending and receive predictable results.
  • There are no monthly fees and no infrastructure costs. We use our ad accounts, websites, and content. You just receive the high quality leads for your business.

How we do this: We achieve this by using paid ads to attract people that have particular characteristics. We send these people to our custom web pages and ask them questions in exchange for an informative consultation. The qualification of each lead depends on the specific criteria defined by you. This is how we can guarantee the quality of the leads that we generate for you.How do we deliver the leads to you:Our custom web pages are connected directly to your CRM or email marketing service. If you do not have a CRM or an email marketing service account, then we help you to create an account with a user-friendly email marketing service. As soon as a new lead is stored in your system, you may contact him/her and close a sale.

You can start receiving quality leads as soon as in 24 hours.

Project Management

We will help you to get your US operation started and provide ongoing support by:

  • Providing a focus to ensure the success of your US launch.
  • Supporting your business to make the right decisions to define and optimise processes for US sales and support – Business analysis.
  • Liaising with your sales/marketing and technical teams to advise on or support to implement changes in processes/systems required for US.
  • Recommendation or implemention of suitable e-commerce system, or changes to existing e-commerce to support US operation.
  • Additional project support for your business to maintain momentum during key phases of US project – whilst your team is busy managing day to day activities.
  • Co-ordination, support for change management and reporting of project activities.


We provide complete sourcing services to help you setup your premises in the USA in a flexible and scalable manner. Our services includes sourcing or recommendations for:

  • Sourcing potential customers for pilot launch.
  • Temporary or longer term address for correspondence and storage of goods if necessary.
  • Office space for sales staff.
  • Scalable cloud based telecoms and IT infrastructure as required.

Rest assured that your US premises will be up and running in time, and fully equipped with infrastructure that fits the exact needs of your business.

Export/Import Processes

As qualified Export/Import practitioners, we can guide you through the processes required for managing the export from the UK and Importing into the USA with the minimum of fuss.

  • Analysis of your specific export/import requirements.
  • Defining optimimum export/import process.
  • Support and guidance with export/import paperwork/systems.
  • Support with the export/import process.

Reducing the cost and risk to your business of delays or problems with the export/import process.


We have the experience and know-how to help you hire the best employees for your business in the USA. We can handle risk mitigation and compliance accordingly.

Our service includes:

  • Hiring the employees that will fit the specifications of their role, as well as the needs of your business. We do follow a proven methodology to achieve this.
  • We can handle outsourcing, contractors, and staff sourcing of any type, even in cases where employees who are working remotely have to fit in teams that are working in-house.

Finding the right staff for your US business is crucial, and can be challenging too. We have the means, the methodology, and the experience to help you finding the right people.

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