Expand your UK business in the USA. Today.

Take your business into the largest economy in the world. Safely. With the right partner.

Complete Services in the USA

Initial planning

Initial planning and market research. Get to know your competition, as well as your audience.

US taxes and legal compliance

Professional advice and support with US taxes, legal compliance, setting up a legal business entity, establishing a US bank account, etc.

Lead generation

Quality lead generation service. Grow your business paying only for results, on pay-per-lead basis.

Project management

- Support for your business as required during the project.

- Change management help and support.

- Ensuring your business has the information required to make the right decisions.


Sourcing of office space and equipment, as required, including telecom and IT infrastructure.


Support in recruitment of US staff, finding the right employees, and building an effective team.

Setup your business in the USA

Step Ahead Technology has the background and experience to support your company whilst you step into the largest and most advanced economy in the world. We are a small organization with very low overheads and so we can offer an extremely competitive pricing model which can be tailored to suit your strategy.

Our complete services cover every aspect of the process of establishing and growing your business in the US. We provide the business analysis expertise to help you to make the decisions and define in detail the process for the USA.

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Grow your business in the USA

The viability and growth of any business depends on the lead generation and customer acquisition flow. For a company that is just starting in a new market, this is crucial.

We confidently provide a Lead Generation service that can guarantee a steady flow of high-quality leads for your business. You pay only for leads that you are interested in, on a pay-per-lead basis. This service is tailor-made for your business and services-products.

Our lead generation service is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, highly automated, and very effective. You define the exact characteristics of the prospects that you are looking for, and we use our proven methodology and systems, to generate qualified leads for your business, at a rate that you are feeling comfortable.

So, you can focus on your business while you are in control of your ad spending and business growth.

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What makes us different

  • Comprehensive range of professional level services
  • Flexible pricing to fit your budget (a focus on keeping your costs to a minimum)
  • Support from day one through expansion
  • Highly qualified, friendly, and experienced staff


Our free guide will help you to discover all the potential challenges and the market opportunities, whilst starting a business in the USA.

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